Review of Ridley's Origins of Virtue

This contains a draft of what was eventually published as
  AUTHOR =	 {Mark\'oczy, L\'{\i}via and Jeff Goldberg},
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                  \emph{Origins of Virtue}},
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which was a review essay discussing
  Author =	 {Matt Ridley},
  Title =	 {The Origins of Virtue},
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In reviewing Matt Ridley's The Origins of Virtue we do five things: (1) Discuss and challenge the basic assumptions of the Standard Social Sciences Model which permeates management scholarship. (2) We present some alternatives to this model, particularly Evolutionary Psychology. (3) We look at how these alternatives provide a framework for understanding cooperation; (4) We enumerate some of the difficulties (both real and imaginary) with Evolutionary Psychology. (5) Finally, we suggest that management scholars work more closely with scholars from the many other disciplines that are developing solid theories of cooperation.

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