Get draft of Markoczy and Goldberg Ridley review essay

A draft of the paper titled "The virtue of human universals and cooperation: A review essay of Matt Ridley's The Origins of Virtue" by Lívia Markóczy and Jeff Goldberg is available from these pages.

The version listed here is the September 5 version, which is too appear in Managerial and Decision Economics.

A plain text abstract of the paper is not yet available.

An extended abstract of the paper will be available shortly in a directly readable from.

There is now an HTML version of the paper available (in separate linked files). There is also an HTML version in a single file, but that is the March 5 version. Please note that these versions will not be updated as quickly as the others since the translation from the form the we work on the paper with to HTML is not fully automated. Also, some information is lost in the translation (particulary pages numbers of cited works and other subtleties of citations). Still HTML is far more accessible than the other forms listed below.

In addition to the above, the paper is distributed in 2 by 2 by 2 forms. Postscript and DVI. Each of these exists in A4 paper size and US letter paper size. For all six of these a gzip'ed (compressed) file is available. Please take what is appropriate for you.

See a note on printing files if you don't know what to do with these file formats. If you have problems, we would be happy to send you a paper copy. You can request this by contacting Lívia by traditional means (including Email) or by filling out her on-line paper request form.

These files are intended for downloading. You probably should not try to configure your browswer to read them.