How to find the Jeff Goldberg you are looking for

"Jeff Goldberg" is a common name. I occasionally get email for those who are not me. If you know of someone who is not on this list but should be, please let me know.


  1. Which one am I
    1. What I do now, and where
    2. Where I've been
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Which one am I

The best way to let you know which one I am is to provide a short biography, with an emphasis on where I have lived and what institutions I have been affiliated with.

Email addresses

Warning: The listing of email addresses here is not an invitation to spam.

Experience has shown that my Email address changes about once every fives years. I used to consider using a service like iName, but now (due to this web page and its predecesor) that address,, is now just spam bait.

Current contact information is listed on my contact information page, and all involves my family domain,

Some of my past Email addresses have been

I also got email under a variety of roles I've filled. See my contact page for more info.

My current Email addresses are listed on my contact page.

What I do now, and where

I am mostly "hanging out" after the family move. I am currently not employed, and am slowly looking for work. See my CV for info.

Where I've been


I grew up in and about West Caldwell, New Jersey. Home of Grover Cleveland and Gordon Liddy. My family moved away when I was about 15 years old in 1976.

Moved to Long Beach, California, where I attended what was then called "Will Rogers Junior High School", but is now Rogers Middle School, Wilson High School and Long Beach Polytechnic High School as part of the PACE magnet program. (Ie, desegregated the school, which segregating the classroom, but still a good program despite that).

Note: When updating those school links, I noticed a number of disturbing things: One is that the slogan of the Long Beach Unified School District appears to be Raising Standards in Dress, Behavior and Achivement; one wonders about priorities. The other is the truely terrible level of web design, with difficult to navigate frames, browser specific content. Normally, I don't link to such sites, but did so here anyway.


I was at Crown College, University of California, Santa Cruz in Santa Cruz, California where not knowing what to study I studied, philosophy (gave that up soon), physics and math for a couple of years, and eventually linguistics in which I got my degree in 1984. Among other things, I worked at the University radio station, KZSC doing news and folk music and experiencing (and probably contributing to) the nastier side of student politics wrt to KZSC. I learned troff, vi and a bit of Unix and C as part of my linguistics training. I had an Email address of at that time. It should have been aumtn (for Au+Mountain), but that was a typo.


I was a PhD student in linguistics at Stanford University (never finished degree) and was closely associated with the Center for the Study of Language and Information, where I spent more time developing Email and Unix skills (I got MH running on Suns) as well as TeX skills, that you are more likely to know about me from that than from any linguistics I did. I worked mostly on a syntactic theory known as Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG). My email address, still exists, but forwards to my proper Cranfield address.

I did some work grammar hacking at Xerox PARC, my email address there still sometimes gets me mail for Adele Goldberg.

I took leave from Stanford, but still hung out, occasionally doing some Tex work for CSLI publications. In 1987 I met Lívia Markóczy.


In August 1988, I moved to Vác, Hungary and the rest is history. Within a year, we moved to Budapest.

During that time I worked at the Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Later the group I was with established the Theoretical Linguistics Department at the Loránd Eötvös University (ELTE) in Budapest. For far too long my only network connection was a shared email account on the system. However, we finally did get ourselves online with SCO Unix, a buggy 486, and a truly dreadful connection to the Hungarian backbone. I became known as, which is barely still a valid address, but forwards on to me.

My time in Budapest was interrupted for one year, while Lívia went to St Johns College, Cambridge University to study at the Judge Institute of Management Studies. I was fortunate enough to be allowed to hang out with people at Computer Labs at Cambridge, while fighting with HM Immigration and Nationality Office. During my time in Cambridge, you may have run into me at anyone of those places or at the occasional Amnesty International meeting. That was in 1991-1992.

In 1992 we gave up fighting the Immigration officials. (The husband of a full time student couldn't get working permission, but a wife could). We returned to Budapest, and Lívia finished her degree remotely.


In December 1994, Lívia started working at the Cranfield University School of Management. (It should have been September, but HM Immigration Office was at it again. I was a househusband for a while. In March 1995 I started working at the Computer Centre after having to go to Croydon to straighten out an incorrect stamp which HM Immigration had placed in by passport upon entry.

I worked for the Cranfield University Computer Centre as a verity of things. Assistent information officer, co-webmaster, co-postmaster. Also taught C programming in the Applied Mathematics and Computing department. I managed the "Academic Bletchley Park" website for a while, which has now moved to (and is now better managed as well). I lived at the University, with my wife Lívia Markóczy who had been working at the Cranfield University School of Management from November 1994 to June 2000. Also my daughter, Tímea was born in Cranfield (actually Bedford Hospital) in September, 1998.

During this time we also maintained residence in Anaheim, California. So you may have met me there.

If our paths haven't crossed

If the above biographical sketch doesn't leave room for our paths to have crossed, than I am probably not the Jeff Goldberg you are looking for, and you should consult the list below for some more help.

Goldberg's other than myself

Jeff Goldbergs

Other Goldberg's I might be confused with

There are far too many Goldberg's to list, but there are some who I have been confused with either due to similar institutional affiliation or mere misfortune (usually misfortune for them). I list a few here.

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