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[JDM] Minor comments on minor points

I am almost finished with marking, and am taking a break to comments on
some minor things that some people noted.

I didn't mark down for not knowing human biology, but I would suggest that
the surprising number of you who thought that there was no physical reason
for women to spend more time in the toilet than men should ask a women.

A number of you very cleverly pointed out for the "Dear Abby" question
that maybe there was some physical cause leading to the birth of girls in
the reported case.  While we don't have the information to know in this
case, that is a very good observation of a possibility and does change the
problem a bit.  I hadn't thought of that at all.

Someone suggested that the doctor should have predicted a girl so that if
he was wrong the couple would be pleasently surprised!

Someone pointed very clearly that if men have to wait for the women they
are with to come out of the toilet, it is to men's advantage as well to
have shorter queues for women.

There were many other clever observations which are directly relevant to
the problems which I had not thought about.  In general, I am very
impressed by the exam results.

Don't worry if you didn't make some "extra observation".  I wasn't
excpecting or demanding them.



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