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Re: [JDM] Comments on Qs 1, 3 & 4

I'm not sure whether this was intended for the list, but I would like
others opinions, so I am sending my response to the list (but removing
your name in case you want to be anonymous).

On Thu, 22 Jun 2000 XXXXX.Ftmba99-00@Cranfield.ac.uk wrote:

> Livia
> I am surprised !

> Comments like " one person appears to have missed the point of the
> question " and " in Q1 all but one of you got the main point ....." do
> nothing for the feelings of all those who think that one person might
> be them.

I am nearly certain that the one person knows exactly who they are.  If
you have to wonder, it isn't you.  And please think of it as being framed
differently.  Almost all of you got Q1.  That should inspire confidence.

As for Q4, after reading my answer sheet you would already know if you
didn't see the conflict between intuitive forms of justice (more toilets
for women) and economic efficiency/utilitarianism (fewer toilets for

So me saying that almost nobody got that should let most of you know that
you weren't alone in missing that.

I really had hoped that my messages would be reasuring, but if they are
having the opposite effect I will apologize and stop.

> While I am having great fun reading your model answers what really
> interests me is how I many marks I got in the exam.

I will know in a few days.  (Actually, I will only know by exam number, I
won't know by name in most cases).

> I wonder how you  would you feel if you were in our shoes?

I'm very sorry if this hasn't been helpful.  As I said, by looking at the
answer sheet and knowing what you wrote, you should have a pretty good
idea already.  If you already know that you missed Q4 then knowing that
almost everyone else did too should be reassuring.  If you are the one
person who misunderstood the Q1 (ie, did not see that the task was to
explain why (b) for both the deny and reward case and so did not see that
the solution was looking for confirmatory evidence) then you also already
know who you are.

I will repeat that on the whole you are all doing very very well.  I
considered Q4 the hardest (though Q6 may also be tricky) and a quick look
through suggests that you all did very well on the prospect theory

But I will stop with these messages if others share your views.  Feel free
to write to the list or to me personally if I have indeed blundered by
giving you so much information about how the exam grading is going.

Best regards,


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