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[JDM] Problems replying to list

Dear JDM list members,

It appears that there is some odd interaction between Lotus Notes and this
Internet based discussion list.  When the Lotus Notes system converts
incoming mail from Internet form to Lotus Notes form it appears to be
rearranging things so as to make it hard for people to respond to the list
itself.  At least that is the impression that I get from the mail that
Livia has shown me and one message that went to some bizarre addresses.

To get a response to the list, make sure that your response goes to


That SHOULD be in the To line of the messages that you get from the list,
so I would have thought that a simple "reply to all" would do the right
thing, but it appears that it is not.  If you are on any Internet based
email discussion lists (not Lotus Notes) then this list should work
exactly the same way.

I'm not quite sure what LN is doing to the incoming messages or what you
should do to reply to the list, but am Cc'ing this to Derrick Smith (SoM
email manager) who might be able to advise.

Jeffrey Goldberg
 Note:  I am moving and changing many addresses, please see
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