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Re: Religion is to blame

On Sep 13, 2001 atheist <atheist@btinternet.com> wrote
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> Subject: Religion is to blame

Just last week this has been a subject of debate on uk.philosophy.atheism

I won't repeat what I've written there, except to say that religion plays
a role as a proxy for other differences that people are really fighting

Someone quoted a story of a friend in NI who wrote "atheist" as his
religion on some official form and was told it wasn't specific enough.
They needed to know whether he was a "Protestant atheist" or a "Catholic
atheist".  I take that is an illustration of my point that the religious
beliefs have nothing to do with the actual conflict.

I too am an athiest, and I blame religion for a lot of things.  But I
think it is getting a bad rap here.


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