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Re: Why are Muslims so strange in their beliefs

On Sep 13, 2001 scapes <scapes@home.com> wrote
   in <4V0o7.12914$tL2.1232381@news1.rdc1.nj.home.com>:

> Take the Taliban for instance, their society believe when MEN die, they get
> to sit next to this alla guy,

And Christians don't talk about "being with God".

> have lots of milk and honey and also have many many virgins at their
> disposal. What kind of insane thinking is that?

Remember that Islam developed in polygynous societies, meaning that rich
men had many wive's and poor men had none.  This is just a variant of
"There'll be pie in the sky when you die".

> Normal citizens there don't have access to television, internet or
> science, the Taliban has banned it all in fear that their people may
> become educated.

Don't confuse any particular Islamic Regime with Islam.  Just as
Christianity shouldn't be confused with Torquemada.  Your condemnation of
the Taliban is on target.  But as a condemnation of Islam, it is well off

And we do need to think very carefully in coming weeks about targets.


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