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Re: Whoever did this, must pay for it!!!

On Sep 12, 2001 Denis Mcmahon <denisf@pickaxe.demon.co.uk> wrote
   in <giiupt02462asmi2309tlhiv95agi8mqk9@4ax.com>:

> I notice that the Taliban regime was almost the first "government" to
> make any public statement, and I wonder if that statement was written
> in advance, either with the knowledge that such a scale of atrocity
> was intended, or in the knowledge that the capacity to perpetrate such
> an atrocity existed?

I wondered the same thing.  The text didn't sound like a hurried
annoucement, and in answer to questions we never heard a "we haven't
formulated a clear policy on that yet" or "well, we'll have to wait as we
get more information" which you would expect.

It should also be noted that there was a NY Times interview with the
Taliban foreign minister a few days ago in which he said basically, "yes,
bin Laden is a guest of the Taliban, but we are in no way responsible for
anything he does."

> If I were the Taliban and wanted to guarantee the safety of my
> country,

I don't know what military analysts know, but I don't think that there is
much the US can do to unseat the Taliban.  And bombing the country without
unseating them only make them stronger.

> However, as far as the organisation of this goes:
> Osama Bin Laden          - 7/4 On
> Saddam Hussein           - Evens
> Myanmar Qadaffi          - 4/3 Against
> Palestinians             - 2/1 Against
> Balkans                  - 3/1 Against

You didn't even include the option that it is US domestic.  I agree, but
the option should be listed.


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