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Re: Condolances from the Holland Massed Pipes & Drums

On Sep 12, 2001 UncleBubba <Uncle__Bubba@hotmail.com> wrote
   in <MPG.1608de658f52baef98968f@news.newsguy.com>:

> On Tue, 11 Sep 2001 18:18:20 -0800 in "Christina Foster Peterson" (article
> <tpthfp2kokgs68@corp.supernews.com>), cfosterdixREMOVE@hotmail.com spake
> thusly...

> > But unluckily,   Bush has already demonstrated by breaking treaties that he
> > is neither peaceful nor cooperative.
> Really? Please name the treaty and the action taken by the U.S. that
> constitutes abrogation of it.

They are repeating the "Great Myth" of the Kyoto treaty.  The fact of the
matter is that no country actually signed up for it.  The only thing that
sets the US apart is that it announced that it won't sign up for it.
Yes, I think that Bush handled extremely badly, but I'd like all the
Europeans who whine about the US not announcing that it won't sign up for
it to ask when their own parliaments enacted it.

Many other countries seem to be happy with signing up for treaties that
they know they can't keep.  The US would rather get the treaty right.

> I may be wrong, but the only one of which I'm aware is the ABM treaty, which
> -specifically- allows withdrawal by -either- party upon due notice.
> Which, incidentally, has not been done. Talked about, maybe, but actually
> done? Nope.

You are correct (as you usually are).  But let me say, that I think that
withdrawal from the ABM treaty would be a very bad thing.


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