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New shoes and new glasses [Daily Link]
Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Tímea is off to school in her new glasses (she is nearsighted with +2.5 left eye and +2.0 right eye). She is putting up with them remarkably well, but it is obvious that she doesn't like them. She just got the classes last week on Tuesday. We've been told that she should wear them all the time, but it seems that she still sees better without them then with them. We'll make a follow-up appointment for her at some point if things don't improve.

We'll push one thing at a time. Yesterday she complained that her shoes were too small. So after school yesterday we went to the mall (Galleria at Tyler) and found shoes for her at Gymboree. She seemed to love them there and danced around them at the store and ran through the mall with them on. This was the first time in a long time that I'd actually been confident that we got her shoes that fit properly. This morning, however, she refused to wear them. We let her go to school in sandals (against school rules) since we don't want to risk her cooperativeness with her glasses by a struggle over the shoes.

Over the past week Tímea has shown a remarkable understanding of numbers. She likes playing the "addition game" in the car. She will pick a number, say seven, and then will want us to ask her about combinations that add up to it. We then ask, "What do three and four together make?" And she will happily shout out "seven". While playing a few days ago, she was pretending to be a parent dinosaur protecting one million and two dinosaur babies from a scary t-rex. At one point she said that she had one million and two pieces of candy so that she could give one piece to each baby. The school has said that their goal is that children should understand a "one to one correspondences" by the time they start kindergarten. I don't think that they know what they mean by that, but Tímea is certainly there.

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