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To the tune of "Eddig Vendég"

Ettél, ittál, jól betojtál
Most már végre aludhatnál
Szaladj Jeffrey vidd a babát
Kívánj neki jóéjszakát
A rough translation is something like
You've eaten, you've drinking, and you've had a good crap in
Now finally, you should sleep
Run Jeffrey and take the baby
And wish her a good night

It should be noted that Jeffrey has to run and take the baby, since Lívia needs her hands to get out of a chair or out of bed, so cannot move out of a sitting position while holding the baby.

The original song is a terrific song, especially if you don't like house guests. The first verse of the original roughly translates to "You've eaten and drunk, and had your fun/ The devil should take you away/ Run landlord and grab the stick/ To start this guest on his way".

It is a traditional Hungarian folk song (though it's not clear whether it characterizes Hungarian hospitality). And has been recorded many times. The one we have is on the album "Muzsikas: The Prisoner's Song", Hannibal Records (London) and Carthage Records (Rocky Hill, New Jersey). HNCD 1341. It is sung by the same singer, M´rta Sebestyén, who performed "Szerelem, Szerelem" in the movie The English Patient. The particular disc cited also contains a version of that song as well.