Note:The stuff in this directory was written either before Tímea was born or shortly afterwards. Some links and other things might be odd as I try to get this properly integrated with the newer stuff.

The Birth of Tímea Markóczy Goldberg

Tímea was born Tuesday September 15, at 11:50 AM, British Summer Time (GMT+1) in the Cygnet Wing of Bedford NHS hospital, Bedford, Bedfordshire, England. She and her mother, Lívia Markóczy are both doing well. The father, Jeff Goldberg, is doing well enough that he can sit and create this document.

About Tímea


Birth weight:
2850 grams, approximately 6 pounds, 4 ounces

Delivery type:
Emergency Caesarian. Scary, but all is very well now. See section on the gory details for more information than you could possibly want.

Health and Condition:
She seems very healthy, is eating very hungrily, and she is -- without a doubt -- the most beautiful baby in the world.

Her Apgar scores were 9 (1 minute) and 10 (5 minutes).

She is a hungry baby. For those reading this who speak some Hungarian she has been described as a "mohó", which apparently has nothing to do with the transition from the Earth's crust to the mantel.

She has taken on the habit of eating for just a few minutes and then falling asleep. We have to work to keep her awake so that she will get a good feed. It is an effort, but on her 7th day (Monday, September 21) she was already above her birth weight by 30 grams (1 ounce) to 2880g.

How to pronounce her name:
Stress is on the first syllable, and the name should sound sort of like an English speaker saying "TEE-meh-aw" or "TEE-may-ah". In the International Phonetic Alphabet it is something like: [\stress ti-m\niepsilon-\openo].

Maybe, someday, I will try to provide a sound file.

Visiting the mother and child

Lívia and Tímea came home from the hospital in the afternoon of Saturday, September 19. Lívia still has a fair bit of recovery to do from the Caesarian. Lívia's stitches also came out on Saturday.

At this point we are all trying to get as much sleep as possible. So we would appreciate it if visitors would call first. Leave a message nobody answers the phone. Also please don't think us rude if we tell you to come by another time if you show up. Every moment of quiet relaxation for us is very precious.

Tímea's first song

Although the rhyming is inconsistent, the scansion is rough, subtly is non-existent, and the tune and concept completely derivative, we feel that her song writing ability puts her on a par with Andrew Lloyd Weber, but we are still very very proud of her.

To the tune of the Monty Python Lumber Jack Song:

I'm a baby girl and I'm alright
I sleep all day and I cry all night
I puke on mommy's clothing and poop ten times a day!
She has written another verse, which, I am afraid, is even more scatological than the first. Not even Andrew Lloyd Weber descended to this sort of thing, but I don't feel it would be appropriate to censor her creative output, so to speak.
I'm a baby girl and I'm OK
I eat all night and I feed all day
I poop in when I'm eating, and wee when they change me

A duet

We seem to have jointly composed a duet, which unfortunately is as scatological as her own composition above. Maybe lyrical taste in heritable. Anyway, we've been singing this one a bit recently.

To the tune of "Good Night Ladies" from The Music Man. I assume that you will be able to figure out who takes on which part.

Good night baby
Good night baby
Good night baby
It's time to go to sleep

Eat a little, poop a little, eat a little, poop a little
Eat, eat, eat, eat a little, poop a lot
Eat a little, poop a little, at a little, poop a little
Eat, eat, eat, eat a lot, poop a little

Repeat every 2 hours, indefinitely.

Mommy's song

The whole family appears to be musical (or at least can put words to existing songs) and don't forget that we are bilingual. Again, apologies for the scatological nature of this as well.

To the tune of "Eddig Vendég"

Ettél, ittál, jól betojtál
Most már végre aludhatnál
Szaladj Jeffrey vidd a babát
Kívánj neki jóéjszakát

Gory Details

Warning: The details that follow are truly details about the process and quiet personal. At least one person has questioned the tastefulness of detailing this information publically this way. While we feel that it is appropriate in our case to put this information here (since so many members of our close families are far away and have been asking), it is not unreasonable to find this more information than should be put on a public web page, and should stop reading now. However, what we have here is certainly more appropriate for the World Wide Web than the Kenneth Starr report.

This section contains the gory details of the birth and the events leading up to and through the emergency C-section. The section should primarily be of interest to expecting parents or those who have recently been through the process and want to compare notes.

OK. Here goes. All action takes place on Tuesday, September 15. Times are approximate.

Throughout this absolutely everyone at the hospital, no matter how rushed or pressured, was able to treat us as individuals. Although things happened very swiftly once the decision to go with a C-section was made, we never felt for a moment that we were being put on an assembly line (although we must have been). The entire set up and behavior was extremely humanistic (I normally despise that word, but I can't think of another one at the moment that does the job right.)

We wish to thank everyone at the Cygnet wing of Bedford hospital who we came into contact with. And also, we would like to thank those who were working behind the scense who we may not have noticed. We plan to prepare a proper "thank you" letter which we will send. Once that it done, we will have a link to it from this document.