California Energy Crisis project

This area will contain information (draft papers, etc) about my research into conservation behavior during the California electricity crisis. Also see information about my other papers.


I investigate how the behavioral consequences of altruism and a fairness motive are affected by various situational factors in a large scale social dilemma: the California electricity crisis (2000–2001). Altruism centers around trying to benefit the community as a goal in itself; and a fairness motive centers around everyone doing their fair share. I show that, although both of these motives can lead to cooperative behavior in a social dilemma, the behavioral consequences of these motives are affected differently by such situational factors, as ownership for a problem, efficacy beliefs, and expectations of others' behavior. Altruism and a fairness motive are captured by a survey of 700 consumers in California while cooperative behavior is calculated from actual electricity consumption data that were acquired from Californian utility companies.

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