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Consensus formation during strategic change

This directory contains versions (or version) of my, Lívia Markóczy's, paper on consensus formation. If there are various formats in which it is listed, the PDF version is almost certainly going to be the best both in terms of readability and in terms of being up-to-date. PDF files may be read with Adobe Acrobat, xpdf, GSView, or ghostview, all of which are free.


This paper offers a refined conceptualization of consensus formation and demonstrates in three organizations how this conceptualization enables us to uncover new patterns of consensus building. It describes a longitudinal study which investigated consensus formation in three organizations undergoing major strategic change. The study explored whether consensus building occurred during the strategic change, and if so, how. Initial participants of consensus were also investigated as well as changes in the scope of participants in consensus. Consensus building did occur, but contrary to some views, less through an increase in the strength of consensus and more through an increase in the scope of consensus. Additionally, initial consensus was not located among members of the top management team, but more within an interest group whose members benefited from the given direction of the change.
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