Some answers to some questions about the PhD studentship

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I have been asked a number of questions about the PhD studentship in the past few days. Here are some answers:
Is it restricted to UK citizens?
The funding for fees is restricted to citizens of European Union countries as far as I understand, and I would welcome applications from anyone who qualifies.

It appears that the stipend is available only for UK citizens. So while we can accept any EU citizen, non-UK citizens may have to cover their own living expenses.

I would like to make it clear that this restriction does not originate with me or Cranfield. It is a stipulation of the ESRC. I personally think that the ESRC, by imposing such a rule, is giving up the chance to bring outside talent into the country.

Is is possible to be a part time PhD student?
No. The funding is for a full-time student. In addition, I would prefer to supervise a full-time student.
What is the relationship to Burmah Castrol?
Much of the fieldwork that the student will be involved in will be in Burmah Castrol, who are half funding the studentship. In addition to preparing papers which will be of interest to the academic communinty and businesses alike, the student, with the assistance of the supervisor will prepare reports which are of particular value and interest to Burmah Castrol.

Slightly more specifically, Burmah Castrol are concerned with maintaining and enhancing organizational citizenship behaviour in a transnational organization.

This Position Has Been Filled!

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