Judgment and Decision Making course main page

This is the main index page for the 2000, SoM Judgment and Decision Making thrid term elective. Currently the site contains the following:
  1. The original course description as a PDF file [183K] (Note that that was the original plan. There has been some deviation from it in details as the course has progressed)
  2. The one page course description as PDF [79K]
  3. A form to join the course email discussion list. The form also asks information so for setting up a writable web area for course participants.
  4. A web based archive of messages posted to the discussion list. This will be made password protected, but at the moment it is open.
  5. A location where PDF versions of some of my overhead slides will go when I get around to it.
  6. Directories for course members. These have to be set up individually, after you complete the form.
  7. Tips and information about posting to the course mailing list and file formats.
  8. Copy of the exam answer sheet with my notes to the external examiner and rough notes about "answers". (This was just placed here after the exam).

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