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A draft of the paper titled Complex Rhetoric and Simple Games by Jeff Goldberg and Lívia Markóczy is available from these pages.

The HTML version here is a modified version of one submitted to the 1998 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, where it has been presented in the Organizational Theory group. Note that that version is now (January 2001) almost three years old.

A more recent version of the paper has appeared in Emergence, as

  author =       {Jeffrey Goldberg and L\'{\i}via Mark\'oczy},
  title =        {Complex Rhetoric and Simple Games},
  journal =      {Emergence},
  year =         2000,
  volume =       2,
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but for some reason all the footnotes are missing from the printed version in Emergence

The most recent version will probably be the PDF version of the paper. Contrary to popular belief -- and Adobe's marking department -- PDF files do not require the use of Adobe Acrobat to read them. They may also be read with GSView/Ghostview (freely available for MS-Windows and Unix) and xpdf (freely available for Unix).


Complexity has become interesting to management scholars who value its challenge to reductionism, prediction and equilibria, as well at its ability to derive interesting emergent properties from simple relations. We step through these and other properties attributed to chaos and complexity to examine which of the properties are actually desirable and whether the approaches actually have that property. For example, we find reductionism generally desirable, but find that complexity may be overly reductionistic for the study of humans. As a matter of comparison, we show that most of the desirable properties attributed to complexity and chaos can be found, sometimes uniquely, in the theory of games.

Keywords: Complexity Theory, Game Theory, Chaos

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