Betty Goldberg Glasser: Photos

This document will contain an index to photos of Betty Goldberg Glasser and aspects of her life. At the moment this is mostly just a place holder document until the whole thing can be set up and images collected. But even once it is established, it will probably grow and develop as more images get put in electronic form.

Selecting the thumbnail will lead to a document which has the full photo and description. (The format of this is almost certainly going to change). Pictures are listed in no particular order.

  1. interview thumbnail December 2001 with friends. [Image size 41K]
  2. SJ thumbnail December, 1998, with Norbert. [Image size 50K]
  3. at wedding thumbnail Betty and Norb at Steve and Sara's wedding. [Image size 41K]
  4. at wedding thumbnail Betty, Norb and Mery at Steve and Sara's wedding. [Image size 42K]
  5. at wedding thumbnail Steve and Sara wedding picture with Norbert and Betty. [Image size 60K]
  6. with Rosalie thumbnail Betty with granddaughter Rosalie, Anaheim 1997 [Image size 59K]

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