Just ask if it isn't clear for a particular document

This copyright notice cannot provide a precise set of permissions and restrictions for everything published on this site. This site contains our own writings specific for publication on, drafts of academic articles and working papers that may be published in journals and so restricted by their copyright restrictions, software released under the General Public License, other works published under the Open Content License or the Open Publication License and various others. Additionally we my mirror things of which we don't control the copyright. The bottom line is that while we try to be as open as possible with the copyrights as we can be, there are so many special cases that we have to say if copyright permissions aren't clear from the document itself or from the immediate context of the document, just ask.

Linking in

You do not need our (or anyone else's) permission to link to things published openly on this website or anybody else's. If we make it public on the web, you can link to it. This isn't some permission we are granting you; this is a right you have by virtue of our publishing it. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. Linking it does not constitute republication.

However, there are some matters of courtesy that we request of you when linking. Some of these may not apply in all cases, but we ask that you use common sense.

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