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Re: [JDM] JDM exams etc

Dear all

I agree for the first part of what Bill said.

Regarding the exam format my opinion is that whatever it looks like one
still have to frame or re-frame the questions.
To me it means deciding about the scope one would like to cover and
choosing the critical points.
Than you go back to your notes or to your primary/secondary memory in order
to find the most appropriate stuff.
In any case you have to invest time.

If the exam is open book you invest time in searching the rigth
information. ( If you don't understant the concept you waste an incredible
amount of time. I don't know how good you perform).

If the exam is closed book you invest (hopefully) time in learning (
putting information into your two memories).

So it is a question of trade-off: Time "before" or "during".

About the format of the exam. I would suggest that to me when people
understand the concepts the format doesn't matter because a good
understanding aloows to solve any problem. It certainly takes time when
facing a format for the first time. I would say the quickest you understand
some think you never come accross the higher migth be your mark.

Cynically: one will never be prepared to face all sort of problems. One
just has to solve them.That is the way it is.