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[JDM] JDM exams etc

Thanks for feedback. A major criticism throughout the year has been that we
submit reports, WAC's, exams etc and get very little feedback both on the
quality of what we have done and what a "good" submission would look like.
At last we have some and I certainly appreciate and have learnt from it,
even though it resulted in a couple of "Oh sh...!".

If others found it less useful, perhaps, as Renate said, a  self confidence
course may be required.

The major difficulty in preparing for the exam was that we were completely
in the dark as to how the questions would be framed and as such I think
open book was preferred and from the amount of shuffling going on
throughout the exam I think most people referred quite extensively to their
notes. Certainly more so than the strategy exam which was also open book.
If we had had a better idea of the nature of the questions I suspect that
closed book would have been a better test and, for us, a better "learning

Bruce Williams

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