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[JDM] Exam structure

The following is taken from the instruction sheet for the exam, I hope
that this is of some use.


 This examination contains six questions.  You should answer
 only four of the six questions.  If you answer more than four,
 you must indicate clearly which four you wish graded.

 Your answers should demonstrate an understanding of the
 concepts and ideas introduced during the course from either the
 reading or material presented during the course itself.

 One sign of not understanding the concepts is listing many irrelevant
 concepts in a ``shot-gun'' approach to answering questions.  You will
 be marked down for listing concepts from the course in answer to
 questions to which those concepts are not connected.  If you believe
 that the concept is connected, you should explain how.

 Your answers should be focused on concepts from the course.

 Each question could be construed very broadly, but the intent is that
 the behaviour or thinking described in the question can be explained
 by material presented in the reading or lecture or discussion from
 the course.  While you may bring in outside material, you must
 demonstrate an understanding of the course material.  If you disagree
 with the theories from the course it is fine to say so and give
 reasons, but you first must show that you understand how they are
 supposed to work.

 Although the examination is ``open book'' it is designed otherwise.
 That is, I will not be looking for names, dates or details of
 studies.  You do not need to know who said what when, and it would
 not be a good use of your time to look up that information.

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