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[JDM] course website & list subscription

Dear JDM course members,

(If you are not in the JDM course, let me know and I'll remove you
from the list).

Since not a single person filled out the form linked to from


Livia asked me to "mass" subscribe everybody. If someone could tell me
what is wrong with the URL or form or whatever so that I can fix it,
please do so.  (In various forms its actually been sitting there for
6 weeks).

You can post to this email discussion by mailing to


And any thing sent to that address will also get archived on

I will need your Computer Centre usernames ("mn" numbers) to be
able to set up 

   (a) Restricted read access
   (b) Upload access

At the moment the only person who can put things on the jdm site
is Livia, or by sending things to the mailing list.

That will change once I can set things up with your usersnames.

Feel free to ask me any technical questions about the email list
or website.



Jeffrey Goldberg              
 Until June 9:  Cranfield Computer Centre   +44(0)1234 750 111 x 2826
 See http://www.goldmark.org/jeff/contact.html for change of address info
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