Software other than distrat

When this page is done it will contain links to cause mapping software other than the freely available distrat. A listing does not constitute an endorsement.

Banxia, the successor of Graphics COPE

For the Microsoft Windows environment. Lots of graphical bells and whistles a tried and proven facilitating tool, there is banxia a successor of Graphics COPE. This is a commercial product.

Mauri Laukkanen's CMAP2

Mauri Laukkanen, of the University of Vaasa (Wasa), has produced softwere, which like distrat is freely available to the academic community. It is a DOS program that relies on DBASE or clones. Mauri Laukkanen has a small booklet describing everything you need to know about using the program.

I will place contact information here when I get his permission.


There are a great deal of packages for dealing with an manipulating influence diagrams. Since they are formally the same as causal maps much of that software may be very useful, even if it is unknown in the circles that are familiar with the tools above. I will put in links when I get a chance to track them down and write them up.