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Re: Saddam vs Osama

On Sep 13, 2001 Jezza <jezza@hotwells.freeserve.co.uk> wrote
   in <3n22qts7phv1ulntf7phk5rnotcapphrll@4ax.com>:

> Pakistan spent most of today convincing the Taleban to put ben
> Laden under house arrest.

Indeed.  And Pakistan restated its commitment to fight terrorism, and its
standing united with the international community in that fight.

There were statements of "cooperation with the US and the international

While there are some in Pakistan who have been supportive of the Taliban,
there is no question if Pakistan is really forced to chose sides, which
way it will (and has) gone.

Its policy of "engagement" with the Taliban was probably correct for
Pakistan for a time.  That time, is quickly coming to an end.


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