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Re: World Trade Center Outrage

[Follow-up set to uk.current-events.us-bombing only.  The initial cross
posting (way back) was trollery.]

On Sep 13, 2001 James Coupe <james@zephyr.org.uk> wrote
   in <dj3HFmKdZMo7Ew0g@gratiano.zephyr.org.uk>:

> In one online chat/MUD thing I was on at the time, someone mentioned
> something about Salem.  The relevance seemed to escape some of the
> Merkins; some of the others didn't even get the reference.

We were a British colony at the time (but of course it was a British court
that finally put an end to the whole thing; so it does reflect poorly on
the colonists.)

The point is taken.  I am pleased that the Attorney General has condemned
and committed to pursue those in the US who attack or threaten Muslims and
Arabs.  But there are reports of a high number of such incidents.


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