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Re: Strange comparisons people are making

On Sep 13, 2001 Dave Roberts <dave@studio-33.co.uk> wrote
   in <Rwio$uAYxMo7Ew0F@smartproof.fsnet.co.uk>:

> In article <1NVn7.5377$N3.566616@news1.rdc1.va.home.com>, Havoc <
> >We believe we have the best system of government in the world.

I think Havoc into my kill-file, so I can only quote him indirectly as
above I have above.  I remember someone once said, "We have the best
government money can buy."

> Your last elections were a joke.

If anyone is at all interested in my comments about the US electoral
system, you can read


Which defends the Electoral College, but calls for Condorcet preference
voting so that we don't have, as you say in you sig,

>    'There's no one left to vote for only fools to vote against.'
>     Roy Harper 2000

As for the vote counting and re-counting fiasco, I have another essay


Which, I believe, says things that others hadn't already been saying.

Note that these were written before the "out-come" had become clear.

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