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Re: No Rules

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On Sep 13, 2001 Paul Harper <paul@harper.netNOSPAM> wrote
   in <qtf1qtki5bvompu2ncivhipfjs3vscg1ni@4ax.com>:

> On Thu, 13 Sep 2001 06:57:49 -0700, Jeffrey Goldberg wrote:
> >On Sep 13, 2001 Paul Harper <paul@harper.netNOSPAM> wrote:
> >   in <r2q0qtc6qknppe1ki443q011713lnvk1nv@4ax.com>:

> >> On Wed, 12 Sep 2001 12:09:32 -0700, Jeffrey Goldberg wrote:

> >> >But we cannot rule out any action merely because killing innocents might
> >> >be a consequence.

> >> That's a very chilling sentence.

> >You are right.  It is.  I know that.
> >
> >Consider the alternative [...]

> Actually, there was just one single word that made it chilling :
> "merely".
> Take that out and it's a whole different meaning.

Hereby amended.  Any suggestion that the killing of untargetted innocents
is some how a "mere" consequence or side-effect would be an atrocious

I am sorry that what I wrote could be taken that way.  Please excuse the
original expresses as very bad writing, and not in anyway a reflection of
my feelings.  It was a terrible word to use.

Thank you for calling me on it and bringing it to my attention.


Jeffrey Goldberg
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