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Re: Other Alternatives to Bombing..

On Sep 13, 2001 Mike Wagner <waggyis@home.com> wrote
   in <__Tn7.6259$gU.2128867@news1.rdc1.md.home.com>:

> I heard on the news tonight that they are considering "ALL" options
> including diplomacy, and economic sanctions. What the F$%#!!!!  Are
> our "leaders" that stupid... have thy learned nothing from history?
> Economic sanctions don't work..  Diplomacy won't work in this case.

The problem is that bombing doesn't work either.  You can't remove a
regime by bombing alone.  And bombing while leaving the Taliban in place
would only strengthen them.

I want to see the Taliban removed from power.  I do not see a realistic
way that that can be achived.


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