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Re: R: Pax heroism or US military action?

On Sep 12, 2001 Rozum <lordfreddy@libero.it> wrote
   in <uhSn7.44914$ul3.1615821@news.infostrada.it>:

> As I already said, it's possible, but I don't think it's probable.

Keep in mind that we get Usenet messages out of sequence.  I hadn't see
the later messages when I posted what others had already posted and you
had already responded to.

Anyway, I admit that your scenario is possible.  But it just doesn't seem
like events unfolded that way.

> Several minutes before the plane crashed I heard from the TV (!!!)
> that it had been intercepted by american air force fighters

What news agency did you hear that from.  That would be very interesting
to follow-up.

> which would have probably shot it down to prevent it from hitting it's
> target.

I suspect that that action would be possible under those circumstances.


  (1) We have several people reporting that they were told by people
      on the plane that they were going to attempt to take back control
      of the plane.

  (2) We have witness accounts of the crash.  No in-air explosion.  Those
      witness reports were broadcast almost immediately after the crash.

  (3) We have (reports of) a single large impact crater.

It seems implausible to me that any agency of the US government would have
the ability to mount such a cover story.  There are likely to be too many
witnesses to the crash for such a cover-up to be sustainable.

So even if the government had positive information that that particular
plane was heading for a target (possible), got something there in time
(not implausible), were willing to shoot down the plane (plausible), and
did so.  I just don't think that there would be a cover-up, and I
certainly don't think that there could be.

I acknowledge the possibility, but I find it an extremely remote


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