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Re: Aircraft Security?

On Sep 12, 2001 MikeG <mikeg@mikeg.net> wrote
   in <tpv3h197v74m91@corp.supernews.com>:

> Why? We can change our operation procedures all we like, and disrupt the
> lives of countless innocent Americans, and yet all we are doing is giving
> into to the perps if yesterday's outrage. Terrorists want terror. They want
> us to live in fear. They want us to give up our freedoms, no matter how
> small, in order to remind ourselves that THEY not us are controlling our
> lives.

I agree. Everytime we curtail our own freedom in the face of terrorism,
the terrorists win a little.

There is also the myth that life can be made perfectly safe.  Was it a
design error that the WTC towers were built to withstand a 707 crashing
into them, but not a fully fuelled 767?  I don't think so.  Every moment
of the day, every time you get out of bed you are trading some risk for
comfort and convenience.

If we make it harder to hijack planes then the next attact won't involve
hijacking.  We would eventually end up locking ourselves into
high-security prisons if we go down that road.

The most effective way of preventing something like this again is to ...

> [...] Stop changing our lives, and start changing [bin Laden's]
> instead. For good.

And the of course change the reign of any regime which harbors him.

You can't deter suicidal terrorists, but you can deter governments that
support them.


Jeffrey Goldberg
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