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Re: WW III in your ASS

On Sep 12, 2001 Raj Baba <vrb3@duke.edu> wrote
   in <9nno1l$lqb$1@news.duke.edu>:

> [...] the whole point of my post was to tell people that this most
> likely is not the conspiracy of a whole countr against another
> country.

I agree with most of what you have said, and with what I quote above.
Indeed the most likely case is that is a consipiracy of a known terrorist
organization harbored and sheltered by a regime which persistently refused
extradiction of leaders of that organizations after past acts of

If that is where the evidence eventually leads than that regime must not
be allowed to stand.  I have no difficulty with that regime being replaced
by another Islamic regime of the people of that country wish, as long as
the successor does not support terrorism.

> there is no point that could be seen as to why civilians of a country
> would like to see civilians of another country dead.

I agree.  I don't want to see civilians dead.  But if faced with the
choice of letting the such a regime stand and a war which will inevitably
kill civilians, I'm afraid that I have to support the war.  But believe
me, I have no desire to have any civilian suffer.


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