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Re: Please, fight this hate !

On Sep 12, 2001 Jeremy Ditto <jrditto.nospam@home.com> wrote
   in <1yGn7.2164$aZ6.829695@news1.rdc1.az.home.com>:

> [...] I must admit, that in all the fits of anger I had of the last 18
> or so hours, I did have a sudden desire to terminate anything muslim.

Believe me I understand your anger.  I have only been writing about my
ideas here in this newsgroup, and not my feelings.  But believe me, I

> Generally I'm very anti-racist, and technically Islam is not a race,
> but a belief system. A belief system which often values the murder of
> non-muslims.

The doctrines of Islam no more condone the killing of infidels than do the
doctrines of Christianity and Judaism.  All all of the texts and histories
you can find passages that condone such violance and passages that condemn
it.  What seems to matter is which particular passages particular
individuals emphasize.  But there is nothing that makes Islam
fundamentally more war-like than other religions.

> Of course, that doesn't make my thoughts ok. And I've begun to
> realize, some of the America Friendly statements comming from the
> middle east, may actually be honest.

I believe that many of them are.

> Although, what leader in their right mind would say that it was
> anything but a tragedy.

Well, we may have a test of whether they are willing to cooperate in
holding the appropriate people responsible.


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