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Re: How many casultides

On Sep 12, 2001 Bent C Dalager <bcd@pvv.ntnu.no> wrote
   in <9nnkb4$iug$10@tyfon.itea.ntnu.no>:

> I never expected the terrorists to bring serious weapons on board the
> planes, that would be too risky. If all they had were knives and
> fists, and the passangers were able to communicate with the outside
> world, we shouldn't rule out a counter-hijacking on the part of the
> passangers. That could easily have led to the downing of the aircraft.

I didn't see the news report myself so this is third hand, but appearently
a passenger called from a cell phone saying that they were going to try to
over power the hijackers.

Still rumor (I haven't checked the news reports this morning).


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