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Re: Why are you thinking about punishment?

On Sep 12, 2001 Biker Dave <Dave@tufftedmcc.fsnet.co.uk> wrote
   in <9nm69d$knf$1@news6.svr.pol.co.uk>:

> Just who can the Americans attack anyway? If this was carried out by a
> terrorist organisation, then any revenge attack could only be against the
> country in which they are based.

The aim is to reach a deterrent effect.  And that is very difficult.
Attacks against terrorists don't act as a deterrent since the terrorists
are suicidal.

An attack against a country in which the terrorist is based is only
warranted if the country knowingly harboured and abetted the terrorists.

If it turns out to be bin Laden, then we can say that the Taliban
knowningly harboured and protected him and his organization.  In which
case the Taliban would be a perfectly legitimate target (though a very
difficult one to reach).

Otherwise, you are right.  Merely satisfying the need to "do something"
can often make things worse.


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