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Re: The only next step possible

On Sep 11, 2001 Zac <zeljko@holobit.net> wrote
   in <20010911204818.36D14C4A.NOFFLE@ns.casper500.hr>:

> Q: Who is guilty for millions of dead civilans in
>     Hiroshima,Nagasaki,Vietnam,Ruanda,
>     Croatia,Bosnia,Kosovo,Iraq ????

> A: American foreign politics.

Explain that one to me.  Let's see.


Those must be because America intervened.


And those must be because America didn't intervene (or not early enough).

Remember that in 1991 European leaders said to the US "We will take the
lead on this" and Bush senior said "ok".

So what do you want, more intervention or less?


Because either America intervened or didn't?  Can't tell figure what you
are getting at here.

Has it every occurred to you that some of the former Yugoslavia's problems
are its own.  Or is it all ...

> [...] I think bigger point is American foreign politics against some
> countries,and American arogancy that they have to be "world cop".


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