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Re: Newsgroup uk.current-events.us-bombing now created

On Sep 11, 2001 =O< <o@o.o> wrote
   in <Mpun7.2929$Cn5.2151772@nntp2.onemain.com>:

> Jeffrey Goldberg <{$news}$@goldmark.org> wrote:

> > On Sep 11, 2001 Iain Bowen as Control <control@usenet.org.uk> wrote
> >    in
> >    <charter-uk.current-events.us-bombing-20010911161337$1256@harlech.dem
> >    on.co.uk>:
> >
> >> The creation message for uk.current-events.us-bombing has just been
> >> issued.

> Was this newsgroup created just this morning?  How did you do it?

I didn't do it.  Iain Bowen acting as "control" for the uk.* news
hierarchy issued the appropriate newsgroup creation message with the
appropriate cryptographic signature for "uk control".  The established (by
vote) procedures for creating groups in the uk.* hierarchy allow control
or the hierarchy committee to create "current event" newsgroups without
requiring a vote on creating the group.  That is what happened.

for various documents describing group creation in uk.*

One thing to note is that the ability for the group to be availabe on so
many newservers so quickly is a tribute to the fact that the uk.*
hierarchy management is so well regarded that most new server
administrators run "uk" control messages on auto-pilot.

> I couldn't create a newsgroup in peacetime.

Just read uk.net.news.config to see just what most groups go through to be


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