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Re: What the hell does fanatic religion do to the world?!

On Sep 11, 2001 Felix Havemann <blackandwhite.nospam@felixthecat.de> wrote
   in <9nlfcq$hba$1@nntp.hamburg.pop.de>:

> If these attacks really are orginated by palestinians,

Is there any reason to suspect the Palestinians?

> Fight Arafat, fight Syria and destroy them! Yes, the only possible
> answer to terrorism is war!

Please don't try to use this tragedy as an excuse for your pet cause.  You
sound like Putin when he stomped on Chechnya after the Moscow bombing.
There was (and still is) no evidence to link those bombings to Chechnya.

But it is certainly true that the celebrations among Palestinians has not
helped win sympathy for them.


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