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[CogNet] On serving two masters: The non-conflict between research and practice

Livia Markoczy and I have a small essay on the apparent conflict
between serving practice and persuing academic research.  Our view
is bound to be controversial.

A webpage with the essay related stuff is at


Additionally, a plain text version of the essay is attached.
(I normally discourage attechments on a mailing list, but
this is both short (5K) and in a universally readable format
(ASCII text).)

NOTE:  If you send me email commenting on it, I may add it to
  the comments pages UNLESS YOU TELL ME OTHERWISE.

I know that this is not exactly cognet material, but we quote one
of the leading cognitive scientists of our time, and it is important
for the Academy (and is a response to something that appeared in the
Academy newsletter.

If you do want to comment, don't send your comment to all 400 members
of cognet, but send your mail to me and Livia and I will put it
on the comments page at the above mentioned website.


Sorry for setting a bad example by posting a bit off topic and
sending an attachment, but if I can't occassionally abuse authority,
what's the point of taking on a list manager's job? ;-)

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