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Lawsuit threat against content

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I have just uploaded material to


hosted by Hurricane Electric, he.net.

This contains information about, and communication with someone at,
snet.co.uk.  They had threatened legal action if I posted or published
this.  (The threats are in the email exchange posted).

I fully believe that under either US or UK civil and criminal law, I have
every right to publish this material.  I am certain that any case they
tried to bring would be dismissed immediately, even if they could find
lawyers willing to take it.

However, as a courtesy, I am informing everyone involved prior to
advertising the site.  If I've made some technical error (failed to remove
certain information which I've agreed should be removed from the messages,
etc) now would be the time to alert me.

Please be aware that I do reserve the right to publish any rants or
threats I get in response to this.

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Jeffrey Goldberg
I have recently moved, see http://www.goldmark.org/jeff/contact.html
Relativism is the triumph of authority over truth, convention over justice
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