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Re: re previous communication

Mr goldberg

I have told you we will look into the issue.
i have stated that i have asked the client to cease his actions till
such time as to when we can determin under law if his actions are
illegal or otherwise.
I had hoped that you could find the courage to converse with me
directly so as i could with clarity explain why we act to the letter
of the law and not just on some personal ethic, you continue to
squander this oppertunity however, but let me restate, i personally
find spamming a annoyance, but unless it is illegal i will not
undertake actions which could threaten a clients livelyhood, [we do
not monitor clients mail as this is highly illegal in this country],
or could be construed under the law to be acting as outside it thereby
threatening this companies respect under the law.

I have offered you the oppertunity to apllogies for the slanderous
accusation that this company has been carrying out mass spamming 
and as a courtesy to you have undertaken to investigate this issue
more thourghly. i have offered you the oppertunity to talk directly
to me in a effort to ease communications. instead you have continued
to lecture and berate our ethics, 

The only thing that i find of questionable judgement  was that the
senior admins choice of words to yourself when first he replied
to you in brief, and though it was brief it was not
personally meant to be insulting to you, [but he has offered an
apollogy which i forward to yourself on his behalf].

Now i will offer you one last oppertunity to apollogies for the
slanderous accusation, and for your initial set of insults about our
ethics and education.
If you do so I personally would be prepared to enter into better
relations with you and reconsider my oppinion of you, and only then
will i offer you a personal apollogy for my retaliatory comments.

At this time i would be then willing to enter into quallified debate
with yourself over this issue of the law and the ethics of the net,
and as to why we beleive your stance of imposing a moral imperative
on net users and companies outside the law is not only the wrong path
to take but also a minefield which will lead to severe restrictions to
access information in this country and inevitable worldwide.

I state here again we are not a spam freindly company
If you do go ahead and publish our communications and also name
myself and this company in as spam freindly i will consider that
you are maliciously and with intent trying to damage not only this
companies reputation but my own, [something i would take very
personally indeed] in addition i now expect you to apollogies on
usenet newsgroups for carrying out this maliciouse attack and  also to
state that we are not a spam friendly company, and i demand proof
sent in electronic form that you have done so.

If you decide to refuse i am afraid i will cease to
communicate with you in any way outside that of our legal
representatives, which is always the least productive method.

Concurrently i have already reported your actions this morning to the

Sir I am