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re previous communication

Mr Goldberg

A few points for you to note.

we are not a spam freindly company

we are a freindly company

we do not ever interfer with our customers or monitor their doings
etc etc unless asked by a officer of the law, indeed to do so is
illegal under the data protections act.

however as a concession to your concerns we monitored over night all
the static smtp i.p's and indeed a  I.P of our clients sent out
about 23,000 emails last night

the I.P is
the customer has the domain emailsvr.com

this customaer who has a static i.p. and smtp feed with us has agreed
to cease thier actions untill such time as weather or not i can
determin under the law if their actions are illegal.

If their actions are not illegal i cannot take action under the
contractual laws of this country against him, 
if you undertake action which is to the detriment of this company i
can  however take action against you.
This company obeys the LAW, no grey areas no skuffing it
This is not about being spam friendly it is about the law

If you obey the law, if you remain ethical, and if you are polite to
people [which you are not] you would get better results,

All this aside however it was your accusation that MY COMPANY had
deliberatly spammed that has resulted in bad communications between

this can be resolved by an apollogy from you to me directly for this
erronious accusation.

I will have the customers email reviewed by quallified legal
representatives and ask them to look into this issue as a courtesy to
you, but understand me well Mr Goldberg any action by yourself which
is to the detriment of this company will result in us meeting
personally in the courts, something i would wish to avoid as its a
pain, but i will take aggressive action in the courts against you if
you continue to threaten me and my company.

lastly i reitterate, you have no mandate or right to lecture me or
any other company in any way whatsoever, and I would welcome the
oppertunity to talk to you personally over the phone or in person - as
to exactly why, and why your actions are a real threat to the freedom
of the net community.
 my  telephone number is [JPG: omitted telephone number]

and if you wish to communicate again please try to be more polite to

I am Sir


[JPG: possibly personal information omitted]