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Re: Attitude Readjustment [Was: Chemical attractant, for men and women...]

Mr Goldberg

You cyber hero.....
Your email has been brought to my attention.

This company does not and never will "spam".

Accusations of such is slander.

Calling us uneducated and telling us that "you require an "attitude
readjustment".  is insulting.
To do it from the safety of time and distance over the net is the act of a
You do not know us
You do not know me
You do not know what I have done for the betterment of all humans as a whole
You do not know my ethic or code,
and you definitely do not have a mandate to lecture people on ethical
Cowards and bullies are the two things I hate the most, and you are both.

lastly to imagine that you can issue threats and expect to have no
repercussions taken against you is the act of a fool.
I hope this will give you pause for thought, it is not wise to issue threats
against a person or a companies livelihood, and I can assure you Mr
Goldberg; to threaten me or My company is the very last thing you should
ever do.

I hope you get your personal issues sorted out... because I think you need

Never the less I wish you seasons greetings and do hope you can find some
joy in the coming new year

Sir I am

Director Stirling Networks Ltd
[JPG: Rest of address omitted]

p.s. You will note that i include our address in the real world, for unlike
yourself I am not a cyber hero, indeed i am as far away from the geek as you
could possibly imagine.

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